News: OLAMIDE: The Good, the Bad and the Greatest See Here>>>

Like him or loathe him but you cannot deny his musical brilliance and magic. Many artistes of his generation have come and gone with time but not Olamide. The Bariga raised Lagos boy has defiled all odds to stand out and count himself a success.
Not many artiste can boast of back to back hits, viral dance and sold out concerts year in year out. With his lyrics enshrined in the deep Yoruba culture and not one to constantly shy away from controversies, Olamide popularly known as Baddosneh is one musical talent that cannot be overlooked.
The constant talk of being classified as a local rapper without a chance of international breakthrough hasn’t been able to keep the street soldier down. Consistently delivering hits, creating street slangs that cuts across class barrier and setting the trend for new dance moves, Olamide has been able to prove overtime that he’s not just a music maker but also a great artiste that is vast in the knowledge of his craft.
What is greatness without leadership? Baddosneh has his own loyalist and cult like fellowship. He has been able to successfully raise other artistes that can stand shoulder to shoulder with others. Lil Kesh, Viktor and Adekunle Gold are some of the artistes that their musical breakthrough is down to Olamide.
Don’t understand Yoruba? Who cares really? Music is a universal language they say and Olamide’s music is a testament to this fact. He’s successful, creative and a great plus to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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