Briiiiize,a recently signed artiste to YABALEFT NATION gets interviewed by The artiste shares his story with us.

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ARTISTEUPDATE : Tell us who briiiiize is

BRIIIIIZE : Briiiiize is a young man of 17, who hails from Ogun State, Abeokuta precisely.
I hail from a wealthy family where freedom is a taboo.. My Dad literarily believes in studying while my mom believes in talent..
I'm an upcoming Artiste, I do raps a lot but I'm yet to drop a track of my own.. Hopefully i believe this would happen under my new label

ARTISTEUPDATE : Where did u drive d name "briiiiize" from?

BRIIIIIZE : Briiiiize actually is more like "breeze" but spelt in a awkward way..

Yunno back then i play football and love athletics.. So there was this day i outran every opposition player to get a goal and people were marveled so they started calling me "breeze" in Yoruba... Anytime i step on that st. Bernadette pitch they call me "Ategun" but yunno based on our society values and culture, it won't be cool to call me "Ategun" in the presence of a full grown Yoruba man. The yoruba man would think its a cult name or gang name... So i had to stick to English and make it kind of swagful so i decided to add 5 ''i's'' in between..

ARTISTEUPDATE : How do u feel getting signed to YABALEFT NATION?

BRIIIIIZE : I feel really glad
Its more like a dream come true.. I happen to know my boss The popular Yabaleft General since a long time ago and based on his success rate in the industry, i think its a perfect move me.. I'm still young so I believe i could rippen and develop more under Yabaleft's Leadership and trust me, I'm gonna give it all my best

ARTISTEUPDATE : Who do u see as a mentor in d industry and why?

BRIIIIIZE : My mentor in the Industry is definitely Davido. Although he isn't rapper but his hardwork, dedication always got me inspired.. I'd love to achieve same feat as him or definitely more.. He hails from a wealthy family and cause of thar people look down on him like he's a lazy brat but in recent years he's proved doubters wrong so I believe I'd do the same.

ARTISTEUPDATE : If you're were given a chance to change something in your past, what would it be?

BRIIIIIZE : Uhhhmm, I think I'd have changed the way I spent my time back then.. Cause back then I spent lotta time with ladies, books, exercises and football. I didn't really create more room for music then but after I discovered my Talent i turned a new leaf... It made me a beast

ARTISTEUPDATE : What should we be expecting from u as an artiste this year

BRIIIIIZE : I won't like a situation whereby I'd be too outspoken or I'd speak beyond my ability.. I'd just speak less and let my music do the rest...

Literally, i think my Fans and listeners out there should be expecting great music from me. I got a lot of awesome yoruba lyrics and wordplay so definitely I'm gonna thrill my fans with them

ARTISTEUPDATE : It was nice chatting with u sir,kindly drop your social media handles for your fans to follow

BRIIIIIZE : Its my Pleasure..
For my fans who wanna reach me on instagram; my handle is @briiiiize.
Twitter is also the same @briiiiize

That's all.

ARTISTEUPDATE : Thank u and do have a lovely evening sir.

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