INTERVIEW: interviews YTB

Lambaloaded:- Good day sir, can u tell us who YTB is?

YTB:- YTB is a young rapper and also a singer I’m 19yrs of age… I’m a 300 level student of mechanical engineering in oou… I hail from ogun state, ijebu igbo and was born and grown up in ikorodu Lagos.

Lambaloaded:- So can u tell us where u derive ur stage name YTB

YTB:- Oh my stage name was derived from my nickname when I was a kid at Muslim teaching class… That was when other students started to call me Taobat because I love reading the chapter named Taobat in the holy Quran… So I reform it Thaobert… And now YTB means Young ThaoBert.

Lambaloaded:- Hmm!!! Okay. Since when have u started ur music??

YTB:- I started to freestyle when I was at the age of 11 when I got in to Junior secondary school..

Lambaloaded:- Have u once know the CEO of yabaleft nation before???

YTB:- Yeah I knew him at the school campus when I first listen to his song and later at the freestyle session in the school. He is a very close friend of mine since then

Lambaloaded:- How did u feel getting signed to YABALEFT NATION?

YTB:- I am really happy.. And it’s great to be with YABALEFT GENERAL under the same label because he is a talented artiste.. He is very sure of his career.

Lambaloaded:- So what motivates you into music???

YTB:- My strive for success and I realize i got the talent so I had to pursue my dream

Lambaloaded:- Which famous musicians have u learned from?

YTB:- I learnt from olamide and Reminisce they are my mentor.

Lambaloaded:- As an upcoming artist now, wat advice can u also give to the beginners who are nervous???

YTB:- My advice for beginners is that they should never relent and keep on moving with their huxxle..

Lambaloaded:- If u had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

YTB:- They should always believe in their dreams because IYANUMASELE

Lambaloaded:- What should we be expecting from u as an artiste this year

YTB:- Fans should be expecting more Rap tracks from me soon.. And they should get ready to hear my Shaku Shaku song featuring Delvis coming soon

Lambaloaded:- It was nice chatting with u sir,kindly drop your social media handles for your fans to follow

YTB:- Thanks so much sir

YTB:- Follow me on IG @rapper YTB

FB @Sanni Toheeb Abolaji

Lambaloaded:- Thank u and do have a lovely night sir.

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