Davido Might Be In Trouble If He Dare Leaves Chioma

Davido was in love when he sang this lyrics in his song Assurance and all he had on his mind was giving his woman the Lifetime Assurance she desperately needed from him.
Davido considered that somehow, he has placed a serious curse on himself that might affect him if he leaves Chioma.
Apparently, 23 year old Chioma would not put all her trust in Davido who fathered two daughters even while they were dating, hence, the need for a strong assurance.
Now, Chioma has all the assurance she wants even more than she asked for, plus a big curse from the lover boy.
See the curse below:-
And if I ever leave oh
Make water carry me dey go
Far away, far a-way

Was Davido wise to have invoked the waters?

Dangerous isn’t it?
Let’s just hope this affair leads to the altar or better still, IF it ever ends let it be amicably!
We don’t want Davido to FALL oooo or water to carry him FAR Away 😂😂

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