GIST: Prince Harry and Meghan’s Wedding: Attending Celebrities

Speculations and rumours have one thing in common. There’s no smoke without fire. Meghan Markle will get married on the 19th of this month to Prince harry of England. Here is a list of celebs that we would be expecting to show up. The wedding ceremony will take place at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. It will begin at 12 noon. After the holy matrimony, Prince Harry and Meghan have planned to have two receptions. However, it is rumoured that Prince Charles will be hosting a private celebration after sundown. Alright now, let’s talk about the Guest list: The following are the attendees to the royal ceremony and banquet…

  1. The famous Serena Williams, friend of the bride: Serena is a close confidante of Meghan Markle. She never does anything behind her back. Apparently, since they met at a sport event in 2014, they have become really close. Even though the wedding ceremony clashes with the French Open tennis competition, the tennis superstar contemplates leaving the open for her best friend’s wedding.
  2. Ed Sheeran: this fantastic singer has been invited to perform a few songs at the royal wedding.
  3. Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriends: would you not invite your ex to your wedding? Well, I would. Prince Harry has handed two of his exes some invites.
  4. Bonas Cressida and Chelsy Davy. Both womenq are apparently in good terms with the prince. Well, who wouldn’t?
  5. Sir Elton John: reports have filed in that Sir Elton has cancelled two concerts because the dates coincide with the royal wedding. The singer is a good friend of the royal family. He is sure to attend.
  6. 2,640 of us all: Harry and Meghan did remember us even though we are as normal as water. A number of people from all corners of the UK are invited as well, albeit, these people would be chosen. Alongside these, 200 people from charity centres and organisations, 100 students from local schools, 610 residents of Windsor, and the royal household.
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