Jay Z Insulted T.D Jakes And Is Still Signing More Millions Than Your Local Ass Can Comprehend – Daddy Freeze

Lagos based On-Air personality, Daddy Freeze has once again taken to his social media space to drop his two cents on religious issues.
The controversial media personality took to his IG page to share the video of a popular female preacher who preached against critiszing men of God.
Freeze, in his caption, referenced Jay Z, who did just that and is is raking in million.
He wrote:-
“Not a single bible verse, just more sentiments and emotions, just another theatrical device for the scripturally vapid! Just look at how the cattle are laughing at such an unlettered joke.

So to sign millions you must never critisize ‘men of gods’? Jay z insulted TD Jakes and is still signing more millions than your local ass can ever comprehend and you are here speaking native English.”
“[Verse 2]
Can’t y’all see that he’s fake, the rap version of T.D. Jakes
Prophesizin’ on your CD’s and tapes
Won’t break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes
And this is with whom you want to place your faith
[Blueprint2 lyrics] ~JayZ

Please can someone tell this woman that I’m offering to give her a masterclass in Christianity and on the Bible, so she can stop embarrassing herself like this. Also, join us live at 1pm as I address the points she has raised live on YouTube.com/daddyfreezeteaches”

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