Yvonne Nelson And ‘Baby Daddy’ Jamie Roberts Broke Up?

So sad as it appears another celebrity couple have bite the dust.

Report reaching us now indicate that Yvonne Nelson and her baby daddy, Jamie Robert are no longer items. In other words, the scripted relationship between the white man and our own superstar is a wrap!
The actress was bashed all over social media when it emerged that she was pregnant for the professional photographer without being married.
Snippets of information we have indicate that they have both unfollowed each other, which of course means trouble. Secondly they have both deleted any photo they have together.
The signs were all over the wall from the onset that this relationship was bound to fail. This is because Jamie’s ex-wife came out to reveal that they were still together and Yvonne had broken them up.
Lot of people questioned Yvonne’s choice since relationship of this nature is very difficult to sustain. It’s sad it ended this way.

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