THETEAM MEDIA 20 Questions [Chats] With A Celebrity [#inumikanduni]

Sup Guys good day am sure you guys are cool, we told you guys we will be adding a new segment to our blog, a platform where we will have chats with a celebrity and bring it out to you guys.
As you know This is our first episode and on this episode we bring to you we had CEO TALKWITHSHILE Also know as Alfa Shakiru and he spoke to us about how he was able to come up with the slang #inumikanduni i am sure you all are also aware that Small Doctor also used it in his trending song MY PEOPLE and give credit to him in the song, we asked him couple of questions as to how he handled it when it got out and he see the people he look u to using it in their own different way, people such as SMALL DOCTOR then with the likes of RAHMAN JAGO, BADDY OOSHA, OMOOBA ADESHINA, AJAGBE OWO and others.
Enough of the talks below is a screenshot of the chat with him, check it out and comment below:

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