ARTICLE: Living in Lagos State – the good, the bad and the lessons by Ita Mijinyawa

In the beginning, 05 July 2018 marked the start of my next one year; with the receipt of my employment letter to work with the fun firm to work with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC); this particularly was a dream come true as all my time in university I had heard about the “Big 4” audit firms and I wanted to work in one of them. After several attempts at getting jobs at Access Bank, Saro Africa, Seplat Petroleum, Pal-Pensions; I had faith that all hope was not lost as I was yet to get any rejection mail from PwC and KPMG whom I was on their recruitment process. On 13 April 2018, I had my KPMG assessment center as part of the recruitment process – a three-hour long activity which in all sincerity went well but to my dismay on 16 April 2018, I got a mail from the HR, KPMG as usual that unfortunately they would not be proceeding on my application. A very sharp pain pierced through my heart. All hopes now lost but then I had just taken PwC verification test on 10 April 2018, a test I did not want to go for but thanks to an African mother’s push I went for the test and now this was my last hope of getting employment in.....

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